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Zonta Club Kathmandu hosts digital panel session against domestic violence

Zonta Club Kathmandu organised a Digital Panel Session titled “Behind Closed Doors: Unleashing the Truth of Domestic Violence during COVID 19”in response to the increasing domestic violence cases against women especially after the lockdown. The aim of the session was to bring awareness and to find solutions to the increasing cases of violence amidst the pandemic.

It was discussed that there has been an alarming increase of 40% in violence against women and girls in the country, especially domestic violence. Staying indoors is regarded as a preventive measure to curb the virus but this means that vulnerable women are trapped inside their homes with their perpetrators without access to safety. Likewise, there is a reported increase in the number of mental health issues and suicides.

Bandana Rana, Vice Chair of UN CEDAW Committee and one of the speakers commented, “The Covid 19 pandemic has created havoc globally and has brought along another form of crisis which the UN has declared as the shadow pandemic. Shadow pandemic refers to the increase in the domestic violence amidst the Covid 19 crisis which needs to be prioritised and addressed”.

Seema Golchha, the President of Zonta Club of Kathmandu shared, “Zonta Club Kathmandu aims to bring attention to women and girls who are trapped and violated physically and mentally in their own homes by their perpetrators. With the digital panel session we hope to bring this issue forward among the public and fight against it”.